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Yorkie refrigerator magnet 3 1/2 x 4 1/2
vintage single TIPP CITY scottie dog Cinnamon shaker lid shows usual wear
DACHSHUND Pooping In the House 4" x 3" Fridge Magnet
Dachshund Refrigerator magnet
Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Playing Clarinet Horn
I Love My Bulldog Dog Bone Car Magnet
COLUMN: 'Animal Crossing' a relaxing gaming experience
“Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” for the Nintendo 3DS ... There will be special events and there are special Nintendo-related collectibles you can pick up, including the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda games. But as far as paying off ...
Bakeries by Brenda Now at Beacon's Glow Collectibles
an online gift and collectibles retail store specializing in dolls & teddy bears (, is now carrying "Bakeries by Brenda." This new line is comprised primarily of dollhouse miniature bakeries (1:12 scale) as well as handmade ...
Tropicalia treasures: Fort Myers Beach antique shop features vintage home decor.
Housed in what was once a 1940s packinghouse, the antique and collectibles shop specializes in ... The fun, carved wood creatures make for the ultimate beachside party props (call for pricing). A shorebird stands watch and shows off expertly ...
Antiques appraisal in Audubon to raise money to help neglected animals
to raise money to help abused and neglected animals. Marty Cobb, owner of The Auction House with 30 years of experience in antiques and collectibles, will appraise items in exchange for donations to the Camden County-based animal charity. His expertise is ...
Berea Historical Society plans antiques and collectibles sale: Around the Town
Check out the Berea Historical Society’s annual antiquities and collectibles sale from 1-5 p.m. June 23 at the Mahler Museum & History Center, 118 E. Bridge St. Sale items include vintage jewelry, doors and roofing slates from old Berea homes, framed ...
Vintage Antique Cast Iron Scottie Dog Sitting
German Shepherd Refrigerator Magnet 4" x 3" Companion
Glitz & Glamour Rhinestone Enamel POODLE ORNAMENT Pink Black Clear Stones 3.5"
BLACK LAB puppy TiNY DOG Figurine HAND PAINTED MINIATURE Labrador Mini Statue
Scotty Scottie Dog West Highland Black And White Holder With Hair Bonnet
Cute Vintage DACHSHUND Dog Brooch Pin - No Reserve!
Life's Better With A Black Poodle Dog Car Fridge Plastic Magnet 6"
Scottish Terrier -SCOTTIE- Adult & Pups SWIMMING POOL!
Hand Painted art Yorkshire Terrier YORKIE dog art hair claw clips ooak
Chihuahua All You Need Is Love And A Dog Dean Russo Drink Coaster
Goebel Gray Black Scottie Dog Scottish Terrier Figurine
German shepherd refrigerator magnet 3 1/2x 3 1/2 "
sandicast dog figurines
Golden Retriever 12 oz Mug Cup
Dachshund / Wiener Dog Insulated Lunch Bag
Dachshund refrigerator magnet 3 x 5 "
german Shepherd refrigerator magnet 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 "
Hot Diggity Dachshund Hot Dog " Santa At Christmas " Weiner Dog
Black German Shepherd Plush Police Dog with K9 Badge Cool Shades K9 Fundraiser
Ocoee Florida Bo Bo Dachshund Dog Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Label Art Print
Cindy Farmer Rosalinde 1985 Pomeranian Dog Coffee Cup Mug
CHIHUAHUA DOG Figurine Statue Hand Painted Resin Gift Pet Lovers Tan White
Lying Down Sleeping YORKSHIRE Puppy - Life Like Figurine Statue Home / Garden
hand painted Yorkie silver tone crystal charm bracelet dog gift lots of bling
Killer Chihuahua On Duty Dog Sign Magnet Hook & Loop Fastener 5x7
Compact Dachshund Large Foldable Reusable Shopping Tote Bag
german Shepherd refrigerator magnet
Funny Dachshund Dog Refrigerator / Tool Box Magnet Gift Card Insert
Killer Yorkie On Duty Dog Sign Magnet Hook & Loop Fastener 5x7
Hanging GOLDEN RETRIEVER Puppy Dog -Life Like Figurine Statue Home Garden NEW
Black Lab Wooden Dog Breed Keychain Key Ring
Posting Trainer Regular Sz. Doberman Pincher JR HARNESS cropped ear w/ strap
Chocolate Labrador Retriever Dog 3" Tumbler Decal Lab Yeti RTIC Ozark Trails
Bulldog Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail Sticker
German Shepherd Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trails or Car
Yorkshire Terrier Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail Yorkie
Yellow Labrador Retriever Dog 3" Tumbler Decal Lab Yeti RTIC Ozark Trails or Car
Red Dachshund Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail Sticker or Vehicle
Chihuahua Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail and Cars Too
I Love My German Shepherd Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Puppy Gift
I Love My Yellow Lab Dog 4" Car Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Labrador Retriever
GSP Southern Point Proper German Shorthair Pointer Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
BASSET HOUND MINI Breed Apart Figurine Country Artists CA04336 NEW NIB RARE
Audrey's CAST IRON SCOTTIE DOG figurine doorstop 4" x 4.5" (over 1 lb )
L@@K Cool Vintage Bull Dog Pendant
➸ LITTLE CRITTERZ Dog Miniature Figurine Miniature Pinscher Min Pin Zeus
"Dachshund" A House Isn't Home Tassel Bookmark (flag gold tassel) Sku# 08
Funny CHIHUAHUA I Don't Always Bark Refrigerator Magnet 3 1/2 x 3 1/2
Chihuahua Santa Elf Smile Bowtie Christmas Cards Box of 12
Lying Down Sleeping French Bulldog Puppy Life Like Figurine Statue Home / Garden
Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Matte Green Vintage Bookend SylvaC (?)
I Love My Bulldog Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA
Pug Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail and Vehicles Too
I Love My Golden Retriever Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift
Golden Retriever Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail Sticker
Yorkshire terrier Yorkie PRINT from Painting art Dog NOTE CARDS
Sonnett Orig. CORGI Sculpture ~ One peacefully pacified Pembroke puppy! ~ OOAK
Plush Labrador Retriever Police or SAR Dog w Metal K9 Badge - K-9 Fundraiser
NEW 8 Dachshund Weiner Dog Cards Doxie Blank thank you Notes 5 packs of 8
Yorkshire Terrier "Rules" Dog Art Print - Matted
Black Dachshund Dog 3" Tumbler Decal For Yeti RTIC Ozark Trail Sticker
3x5 inch Oval BLUE HEELER Sticker - aussie acd australian cattle dog silhouette
Hand Made & Hand Painted 3 Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog Puppies SIGNED
Set of 2 Nautical Sailor Dachshund Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Poodle on Board French Sticker Vinyl Decal Car Window Fun dog puppy Giant Toy
Wire Fox Terrier pair ICE CREAM Picnic Table w/UMBRELLA Scene!
Wire Fox Terrier Adult & Pups SWIMMING POOL!
I Love My White Poodle Dog 4" Car Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA
I Love My Black Dachshund Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA
I Love My Pug Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA Puppy
I Love My Red Dachshund Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA
I Love My Chihuahua Dog 4" Car Truck Home Vinyl Sticker Decal Pet Gift USA
German Shepherd American Flag Vinyl Window Decal Sticker
Wire Fox Terrier Ceramic CUPCAKE TRINKET BOX!
Vtg DOG Wall Plaque German Shepherd Silver Cast Pot Metal Decorative on Wood
NEW Veterinary American Kennel Club AKC Dog Breed Guide to Purebred Poster
Dachshund Birthday Card benefiting Dachshund rescue
Adorable Praying Angel Chihuahua Dog Pet Memorial Statue Inspirational Taco Chi
Handsculpted L/W English Springer Spaniel Cone of Shame & Get Well Card Figurine
Maltese Dog Brooch/ Pendant with Big Eyes, Full Face Handmade Painted”Celia”
Hagen Renaker COMET 1953 GreyhounD Porcelain Dog Figurine EXCELLENT
Vintage German Sheperd Ceramic Dog Statue top Glaze 7 1/2"
Vintage Scottie Dog Boot Scraper Door Stop 12.5" x 9.5" Cast Iron/Steel? FREE SH
Running Black Lab CineSpinner 3.5" New in Package Dog runs when disk spins WOW !
Hagen Renaker Black Lab Labrador Dog W/ Red Collar
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Find food, help raise funds and have fun with your pooch this weekend in the north state
Then you can check out the offerings from Wild Card, Fall River Brewing, High Water Brewing ... The festival will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Haven Humane, 7449 Eastside Road, Anderson. Participants will be able to watch Shasta Splash Dogs ...
Design Miami/Basel 2013: Resting Upon Imagination
The "Kidassia Chair" (2013) clothes an asymmetrical assembly of teak wood in Kidassia ... they're made of cast bronze and wear buffalo fur and they are in the form of a bench. The Haas Brothers "Beast" bench (2013) mounts a furry mammalian body with ...
Open Beta Set for GUNDOG, MMO Shooter by OGPlanet
Torrance, Calif.-June 20, 2013 - OGPlanet, a longstanding publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer, online games, today announced that GUNDOG, a team-based, third-person shooter, with collectible Gundog cards, opens its doors for the final Beta phase ...
Humane society benefit set May 2
Admission is $5 with proceeds going to support programs/services helping animals in need. The theme is Cinco de Mayo. Dog owners are invited to dress ... art items, and collectibles. For more information, contact Jean Gilbert at or 522-2529.
Pet calendar: Pet adoptions, fundraisers, events, and more!
in Beaverton. The concert will feature a variety of animal-themed songs, including "Anima Fundi," a humorous setting of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" in the style of Gregorian chant, and madrigals about ravens, swans and other animals. Cost: free; donations ...
What did they ever do to you? The badly stuffed animals left with very little dignity in the afterlife
Talking about the allure of stuffed animals in an interview, she said: ''When taxidermy is done well it’s an amazing piece of art. I love animals and they’re very easy to look after when they’re dead.'