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Bearded Dragon Lizard Reptile Earrings Handcrafted Plastic Made in USA
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Horned Lizard Toad Frog Figurine Texas Souvenir
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Advertising Hand Fan GEICO Gecko Lizard Reptile
Canton offers variety on Scenic Drive
Also available will be fall decorations; fresh winter vegetables; candle warmers and scents; antiques and collectibles ... upon weather, the animals’ health and other conditions, but will likely include reptiles, amphibians and birds.
Allentown native's art collection on the block
The mid-20th century figurines were collected by Schaeffer over 40 years. They are a highly detailed menagerie of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and insects ... a group of 19 farm animals, a group of turtles, a pair of elephants, a pair of ...
Hey San Francisco, get a life
reptiles and amphibians to the ban. (The proposal would not affect selling live animals for human consumption, raising the question of whether aquarium enthusiasts will soon be buying castles and little scuba-diver figurines for new home lobster tanks.)
2nd Annual Brew at the Zoo
Upon arrival, “Brew at the Zoo” guests will receive a collectible sampler ... gaze your sights on animals including the Zoo’s newest exhibit – the LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles). Tickets are expected to sell out to this ...
Reptile Retailer
MY WIFE, ANITA, AND I incorporated to expand upon my love of reptiles and amphibians--together known as "herpetological ... and bumper stickers, but not live animals. The business has grown significantly since 2004, but it started ...
Flying Lizard Draco haematopogon Spread Yellow Female Real Preserved Taxidermy
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Helena Christensen Has a Lizard
HELENA Christensen has a pet lizard. The supermodel and her 11-year-old son Mingus share their New York apartment with a bright orange bearded dragon who loves nothing more than to feast on insects. “My son is an avid animal collector,” she said.
Office of collectibles scares and intrigues
Among the oddities: partial skeletons, stuffed animals ... among his office collectibles: a small alligator head purchased at a Lincoln Cajun restaurant; an antique casket found in Iowa with a woman's mannequin head on top; a stuffed lizard, boar's ...
Vet in New Jersey Animal Clinic of Morris Plains Provides Helpful Tips and Tricks for Pet Owners
Morris Plains, NJ -- Although animal health information can be gathered from a variety of sources, the best authority is a veterinarian. To ensure perfect health, regular visits to the veterinarian are encouraged for all pets. At one vet in New Jersey ...
Va. Tech police find exotic animals in tunnel
A cache of exotic animals was found Thursday in a steam tunnel at Virginia Tech University. Maintenance workers found "two nonpoisonous, constrictor-like snakes, a black widow spider, a tarantula, two unidentified lizards, a frog, a rabbit, three mice and ...
Resident sheds light on keeping reptiles as pets
Snakes, lizards and other ... and lighting or if they buy it from the pet store the show is at. “I educate the people on the animal beforehand,” Parham says. “I give them so they can call me if they need help. If you get the animal from me I ...
Silver Spoon Sunday: Steiff Collectible Titanic Teddy Bear
Many people collect Steiff stuffed animals. They are popular for their high quality and realism, as well as for their trademark button in the ear. Steiff is a German-based company begun in 1880 making pin cushions in the shape of elephants. Once it was ...