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A Look Inside the World Of Paleoart with Dinosaur Artist Steve White
The new generation of artists were unique in that they were not just brilliant artists; they embraced the world of the dinosaurs in the way Caravaggio embraced the human form. Their knowledge extended to not just the animals themselves but the ...
Tule Springs, With Its Rare Collection Of Prehistoric Fossils, Promoted For National Monument Status
We park across the street from the Sun City Aliante Retirement Community. Two rows of utility poles divide the area. "The utility company is the only hold-up," Ms. Davis replies when asked what's holding back the inclusion of the site into the National ...
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Childhood love of dinosaurs turns into roaring business for Lower Makefield teen
Bausinger is sharing his love of the prehistoric animals with children through ... It features a specific dinosaur, with educational books, activity and coloring materials, collectible cards and a figurine. Each box costs $19.95. “The focus is really ...
Collecting Dinosaur Bones
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The Museum of Modern Art needs dinosaurs. That was the conclusion of one young visitor ... as an allegorical presentation of the narrative attached to other kinds of collectibles and fine art objects: in their various modes of production, exhibit ...